I’ve been spring cleaning, (yes that word spring!, does anyone remember what it feels like to have the warmth of the sun shine down on their face?)…you see, me and the boy, we are buying a house! I’m quite a hoarder and love my trinkets and teacups which lace the fireplace and kitchen shelves. But […]

I’ve had a creative block of late but today I have woken up with an electricity in my fingers, with words that lie within my fingertips…and I’ve come to a realisation of why I haven’t had so much of an inspiration to write. It’s because I haven’t been thinking SO much about you. The passing […]

This post is for eveyone who has ever been tempted to enter a competition and then thought “What’s the point, I will never win!”…because maybe, just maybe you will! I remember spending many Saturdays of my younger years filling out postcards and licking stamps, with a glass of cherryade closely by my side, hoping that I […]

Before my father passed away, he told my mother that if we ever needed him or he wanted to tell us he was looking after us, we were to find him in a rainbow. I don’t think I had ever felt his presence so strongly then on this Thursday that has just passed. This is […]

I love, love, LOVE this time of year. The leaves begin to turn, flickering golden and red in the autumn crisp sunshine and the air is just so fresh it makes me want to take the biggest breath. So big it feels like I could ingest everything around me in one deep inhale. As well […]

The concept of the telephone has always fascinated me. Now I’m not one of those people that is obsessed with technology, nor do I lust after the latest gadgets.I would even go as far to say my understanding of new media is lacking somewhat, and I know my partner would certainly agree! My mobile phone […]

    Dan Smith spoke these words, as he stood so vulnerably in front of me at The Cavern on the night of the 23rd August 2012. Singing ‘Wooden heart’ , I could feel a magic in the air. The boy had arrived back home the same day-from a year away completing his Master’s course. No more […]